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Alex Tweedly alex at
Thu May 19 14:12:03 EDT 2005

Dennis Brown wrote:

> If we all make an effort to fix stuff or add examples to the web  
> notes, perhaps everyone, even those not on this list will benefit.

Hmmmm - I think I'd agree with Phil Davis from an earlier thread on the 
topic of Web Notes - without someone watching over the content, you have 
to be careful how much you trust Web Notes written by random, 
unidentified people. And of course, there's no way to know whether 
anything you put up there will remain there, since anyone can edit it later.

> The thing that would really make the web notes shine, is if the Icon  
> would change to a wiggly one, or some other way of grabbing your  
> attention if a web note is available.  I am sure it would be easy to  
> add a script to the doc stack that after finding a topic, it would  
> (if you have a web connection) check to see if the web note is not  
> empty and do something noticeable.  Unfortunately I am not  
> experienced enough to make that change.  Anyone out there know how to  
> do this?

The problem is that there's no way to tell if there is a Web Note 
without doing the HTTP "get" - and once you've got the web page, you 
might as well just display it - so you might as well just turn on 
"Display Web Notes". There might be some value in changing an icon, for 
the sake of those where the doc page is more than one screen long, and 
it's easy to miss the web note.

What I've been looking at is extracting all the Web Notes - easy to do, 
but pretty slow ..... and demonstrates the need for someone to monitor 
what text gets entered there. I'll put the stack up on RevOnline when 
it's done - but in the meantime, all the Web Notes from the Dictionary 
can be found at

Alex Tweedly

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