Deleting a folder doesn't work!!!

Klaus Major klaus at
Thu May 19 11:20:23 EDT 2005

Hi Xavier,

> Klaus,
> I tried but there's not one single command that will do delete both  
> files
> and folders in the folder (i can't delete the folder because of the
> extensive properties it has.)
> Except for this ugly thing...
> net use x: /d
> net use x: \\bruegel\transfer$

Pieter Bruegel?
Junior or senior? ;-)

> del /f /q *.*
> for /D %d in (*.*) do rd "%d" /s /q
> h:
> net use x: /d

ah, sorry, i thought you wnated to delete that complete folder and
not only its complete content...

> ...
> Cheers
> Xavier


Klaus Major
klaus at

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