Deleting a folder doesn't work!!!

xbury.cs at xbury.cs at
Thu May 19 10:13:08 CDT 2005


I tried but there's not one single command that will do delete both files 
and folders in the folder (i can't delete the folder because of the 
extensive properties it has.)

Except for this ugly thing...

net use x: /d
net use x: \\bruegel\transfer$

del /f /q *.*
for /D %d in (*.*) do rd "%d" /s /q

net use x: /d

Alex, im only using the rev.exe under MC. I cannot upgrade to Rev until 
their support starts delivering the kind of quality support we need to 
support our banking production environment. Price is not the problem alas. 
I also doubt very much that RevDeleteFolder will handle our ultralong 
paths and special unicode paths... Just a feeling.


On 19.05.2005 16:38:02 use-revolution-bounces wrote:
>Hi Xavier,
>> ...
>> The dir walking function is way way way too slow in this case -
>> 60GBs of
>> data, over 70000 files, etc...
>> Delete folder was so "intuitive" compared to the pletoria of
>> statements
>> required to do the same thing in other languages...
>C'mon, i'm sure YOU can do this with a simple/nifty windows shell
>script ;-)
>rm -R path_to_folder
>## on Mac OS X
>rmdir -xyz path_to_folder
>## on Win NT, i am not sure ;-)
>> Any solutions?
>> cheers
>> Xavier
>Klaus Major
>klaus at
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