Inconsistent behaviour of menus

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at
Wed May 18 10:22:05 EDT 2005

Hi everyone on this list,
Hi support team,

Rev 2.5.1 - OS X 10.4.1

I am used to build menus as text, adding a parenthesis to disable an  
item, !c to checkmark another one, etc.
The problem comes when working with submenus items.
With Rev 2.5 you could write something like:

tab SubmenuItem 1 -- enabled
(tab SubmenuItem 2 -- disabled

With Rev 2.5.1, such a formulation no longer works.
You have to put the parenthesis strictly before the label:

tab SubmenuItem 1 -- enabled
tab (SubmenuItem 2 -- disabled

If you try to use the built-in disable command with submenus items,  
it works fine with 2.5 and does not work with 2.5.1. because it puts  
the parenthesis at the beginning of the line :-(
BTW Note that the tab (SubmenuItem 1 form, compulsory with Rev 2.5.1,  
works great with Rev 2.5: just our luck...
So, have I to revise most of my plugins and How-To stacks which  
display weird menus with Rev 2.5.1. and cross one's fingers, hoping  
they will still work in the future?
The last part of the question is for the support team...

Best regards from Paris,
Just a little bit angry today :-)

Eric Chatonet.
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