Unicode and chunk expressions

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue May 17 16:46:23 EDT 2005

Thomas McGrath III wrote:
> Richard,
> The consensus was the 'some' chunks could work with useunicode but that 
> a lot do not work. It was suggested to use htmltext with the unicode 
> fields but I have not tried that yet.

That's an interesting idea but I'm unclear on how it would work.  If 
"char 1 of word 2" fails in a variable why would it work if I get the 
text from a field?  I was under the impression that when referencing a 
field the data is obtained first before operations are performed on it. 
  But I could well be mistaken if they've added some deep revisions to 
chunk expressions for Unicode.

Anyone here have examples of using chunk expressions with Unicode?

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