Use an another player that XAnim

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Tue May 17 12:53:15 EDT 2005


you can always use an invisible shell to play the wavs you need.
i dont know much about linux but im sure it's possible, i've seen
the tools out there on the net... 

Linux is not my speciliaty mind you but im convinced this exists.
Alternatively since python runs on Linux, there's a way to branch
the two and have rev send the playsound taoo commands to python
sooner or later (python port of taoo still in X.mind.ram.todo.list).

Incidentally this will be also OSX compatible!

Today was a great learning experience!!! 


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> Hi All,
> I am using revolution under Linux, and about video and audio 
> feature, this isn't very great for now.
> So, I have seen that there are the vcplayer command in 
> runrev. So, I want to choose an another player that Xanim 
> (who aren't supported anymore since 1999). But I didn't know 
> a player who can work with revolution. I have tried with 
> mplayer, but this doesn't work.
> Thanks.
> GIRARD Damien
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