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Tue May 17 12:01:49 EDT 2005

[NOTTOT:not totally OT]

X's prognostic for a Rev release[s]* to come:

Paragraph independent alignment, font smoothing (along with graphic
smoothing too)
text patterns (or is that in already the OS or IDE?) 
Table-full cell coloring (doesn't still do)

Will they have though of shading, wysywig priting, the big paragraph
starting caps (i hope they did!)

Beautiful Text rotation (please!)
Text to bezier (graphic group) to polygons... (maybe in version 3 or 5)

Just pray the rev gods it comes,
make your bugzilla donations
be kind to the industrious scripter

May the Rev be with you, 
im seeing episode 3 in less than 6 hours ;)
And TAOO is auto-loading as of today!
The future is upon us! 

What's next? Release? But who wants it really?
So far, it's been a learning experience... 
what happens when it's scripted for you already?
Are you ready to tweak it? Exception it?

Now, why did i buy a second ticket to SW ep3?
Plans with the 5th element?
I hoped t'was the TAO... 
Certainly is not over yet...

I see scripting shape and function as an art... 
Maybe they see function and form as an economy,
All in all the scripting is the best for all
Keep the power flow via the engine's coolness!

No matter how i rant, Rev's the best tool!

get it?
Do it!

Not enough time to help syndrome?
Check out our fine scripting-warp engines!

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> I know Kevin said adding paragraph-specific formatting is on their 
> near-term todo list.   Do we need to enter this as an 
> enhancement request 
> on bugzillla, or is it really that near term?
> At 09:43 AM 5/17/2005, you wrote:
> >Hello All,
> >
> >    I'm trying to program an application in revolution which 
> has some 
> >"word processing" type of features.  One of these features is text 
> >alignment, meaning either left, center, or right aligned.  
> What I want 
> >to do is set the textAlign of a selectedChunk rather than that of an 
> >entire field.  The idea is any arbitrary piece of text in the field 
> >would be able to be set to any of these 3 alignment settings.
> >Currently it seems that the textAlign property only applies 
> to the full 
> >text field itself.  Any suggestions?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Levi Kendall
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