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Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at sosmartsoftware.com
Tue May 17 08:37:56 EDT 2005

Hi Richard,

You might separate the menu from the button using an icon button and  
a popUp menu hidden button.
At the end of the handler in the icon button which call the menu:

   put the bottomLeft of me into tLoc
   if the platform = "MacOS" then add 2 to item 2 of tLoc
   else subtract 2 from item 2 of tLoc
   popUp btn "MyMMenu" at tLoc

If I understood correctly your problem ;-)

Le 17 mai 05 à 14:06, Richard Gaskin a écrit :

> While many developers have been doing this for years, the OS X HIG  
> now officially sanctions using icon buttons as pull-down menus  
> within a window -- you can see this in action with the Finder's  
> Tools menu.
> I can live with the look of a rectangle button over the roundRect  
> look normally used by OS X for such things, but getting the  
> behavior right has proven a bit of a challenge.
> If I set the menutype of the button to pullDown I get the behavior  
> but with no hilite, unless I set the backgroundColor of the button  
> then it works well but doesn't have the native gradient appearance.

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