Do Rev CGI Suffer Performance HIts?

Dan Shafer revdan at
Mon May 16 12:32:53 EDT 2005

On another thread, jbv (JB) wrote about using Rev as a CGI engine on  
Linux as a matter of regular course.

I'm curious. I've been laying out a design for an INternet-based app  
and figuring I'd have to use Python (which is OK because I love it  
but in some ways it may be overkill for this project) because of my  
understanding that a Rev CGI can't handle even modest volumes of  
traffic. This is apparently because a separate instance of the CGI is  
launched for each HTTP request received.

True or myth? Anyone have any experience with moderately high  
transaction rates using Rev CGI?

Dan Shafer, Co-Chair
RevConWest '05
June 17-18, 2005, Monterey, California

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