Be Cautious About MySQL Licensing (was Re: Database suggestions?)

Dan Shafer revdan at
Sun May 15 21:45:30 EDT 2005


Very interesting results you report in the portion of this email that  
I omitted for space reasons.

I'll be watching closely what you have to report on your comparative  
pages when they are done. Speed is not always crucial, but processes  
that take longer than a minute will *always* be viewed by users as  
bad news!

On May 15, 2005, at 3:36 PM, Ruslan Zasukhin wrote:

>> Not really, Ruslan. If I have an app that I'm distributing on CD/DVD
>> or downloading but which is intended for single-user deployment, I
>> would use altSQLite because it's fast, free, and (thanks to Altuit)
>> trivial to incorporate into my Rev apps.
> :-) I think this is little a myth that SQL Lite is fast.

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