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Sun May 15 04:52:11 EDT 2005

--- hyperchris at wrote:
> It doesn't look like an auto Refresh of the query
> was ever incorporated 
> into the DB Query Builder. Changes to a field, which
> do update the 
> database, are not visible when you come back to that
> record. Is there a 
> simple way to get around this? Thank you.

One of the problems is that when a script updates the
data in the back-end database, the corresponding data
in the revdb cursor is not updated. You can work
around this by ticking the 'Cache record set' checkbox
in the database query builder.
However, it is not completely Model-View-Controller
yet, as placing the same database column on two
different fields on the same card will not update the
other field.
Btw, if you want to refresh a single query (thsu
reconnecting to the database and fetching all the
column values again), you can use the command
'revRefreshQuery <name of the query>'

Hope this helped,

Jan Schenkel.

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