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Thierry Arbellot thierry.arbellot at
Thu May 12 05:41:41 EDT 2005

Hi Tom,

What's a surprise to see my name as a subject in this list !

Well, I have a product named "TOKI LineTest" made with Revolution. It 
can drive a video digitizer, and the very first release used the 
revVideoGrabber dll.
It has been upgraded since this first release, and the last version can 
be downloaded from my web site

This product is a line tester (also called pencil tester) for cartoons 
and animation movies.
Is your father in this business ? Is he "Tom McGrath" who directed 
"Madagascar" ?
Just curious too :-)

Kind regards,


On 2005, May 12, , at 00:26, Thomas McGrath III wrote:

> Hey, This is weird; I got this email from my Dad who lives in Florida. 
> As far as I know he does not use Revolution at all. But I noticed the 
> content right away of course. The subject is "Thierry Arbellot" from 
> this very list.
> I think he was using a rev standalone from Thierry that must have a 
> glitch in it. I am waiting for his response now.
> Curious,
> Tom
> On May 10, 2005, at 8:02 PM, Tom McGrath wrote:
>> "revInitializeVideoGrabber "QT"
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