Networking reliability

thierry douez at
Thu May 12 05:25:55 EDT 2005

Hi Scott,

SS> Another issue that seems to pop up occasionally is some network reliability 
SS> issues. I am using the following script to create a request command. In the 
SS> requesting computer I put this:

SS> [.....]

SS> Most of the time the requests make it back and forth without a problem. 
SS> However, occasionally the requesting computer will just time out without 
SS> having received a reply. The infuriating thing is that it will do this 
SS> several times in a row. But as soon as I run the debugger to try and figure 
SS> out what is going on, it works fine. Incidentally, I use " [EOT]" as an end 
SS> of transmission string since I sometimes transmit binary data, and seemed to
SS> run into problems if I used just a single ASCII character. Have any of you 
SS> been able to reliably use Revolution as a networked app? Any ideas what 
SS> might cause these sporadic outages? Is there something I should do to 
SS> improve my script? Thanks!

First, i've made a project which is working everyday since few months ,
and my customers seem to enjoy it. This project is based on a strong
socket commnication between a Rev specific IDE and a PerlScript application.
The comm is bi-directional and is heavily used in both side.
It works on PCs, and : So far, so good.

I could suggest humbly to check all the possible errors from every commands
and functions related to sockets. And probably, avoiding to close the socket
just  after  having  send  some  datas,  or could the client, after
receiving his datas send a message asking the server side to close ?

This reminds me an old story : like you put "[EOT]" as a marker, i did the
same but put a Return char ( cr ) at the end of my marker, and this resolved
one problem i had, but i don't remember exactly which one :-(  IT could be
that it was a specific Perl problem, but i would not bet on this one...

Hope this help

Best regards, thierry

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