Problems with resource mages

Kathy Jaqua kgjaqua1 at
Wed May 11 21:54:34 EDT 2005


>Semi-related question for the tests I've been
>Using the application browser, I noticed that the
"pre-load into
>memory" property is automatically set for all images
that I import
>from a folder. Is there a way to avoid this if I
wanted to import 100
>or even 1000 images to the stack or would I have to
manully unselect
>the properties for each one?

>Thanks to all,

Hi Doc

I'm having a similar problem in that I can't import
more then 20 Images without a mistake in the Image
Library.  After 20 Images runRev icons or cursors
begin to take the place of my Imported Images.   Maybe
the "pre-load into memory" property is a problem ???

Kathy Graves Jaqua
San Francisco Ca
A Wildest Dream Software
kgjaqua1 at

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