Table Field Docs?

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Tue May 10 13:59:13 EDT 2005

I obviously posted too soon without reading the most recent posts..

It's starting to look like the mysterious table fields work like 
'visible arrays'. Am I getting warm? If so, this could be very cool.

At 7:32 PM +0200 5/10/05, Eric Chatonet wrote:
>Hi Peter,
>You are right and, for instance, have to clear some properties set 
>by the engine to store the table contents when you want to clear a 
>table field.
>I'm working on a How-To stack about table fields including some 
>answers you requested like fixing the number of columns when tabbing 
>across and much more :-)
>I hope it will be ready at the end of this week.
>on ClearTable pLongID
>   -- pLongID parameter is the long ID or the long name of the table field
>   do "put empty into" && pLongID
>   do "set the cRevTable[currentView] of" && pLongID && "to empty"
>   do "set the cRevTable[formattedView] of" && pLongID && "to empty"
>end ClearTable

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