Table Field Docs?

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Tue May 10 13:51:27 EDT 2005

Peter, I agree with you about the weirdness of the table fields. 
There seems to be 'data behind data' and it's frustrating to work 
with. One can set one cell at a time, but how do we load all the 
cells at once? Putting a tab/return delimited text string in there 
goes into another dimension.

At 5:42 PM +0100 5/10/05, Peter Reid wrote:
>Hi Frank
>Thanks for the response.  Unfortunately your recommendations only 
>work for ordinary fields not table ones.  The problem is that when 
>you start editing into cells, the field text property is clearly NOT 
>being used to hold the edited cells.  From other messages on the 
>list it seems that hidden data structures are used for this.
>This is why I'm after some documentation - how to I get at the 
>hidden data structure to read/write/empty under script control?
>>put tableContent into field "Table Field"     -- put data into complete table
>>put field "Table Field" into tableContent     -- get complete table data
>>>- clear a table
>>put empty into field "Table Field"
>>>- address individual cells for reading/writing
>>set the itemDelimiter to tab                                   -- 
>>the lines in a table field have the columns separated by tabs
>>put 6 into item 5 of line 7 of field "Table Field"   -- row 7, column 5
>>put item 3 of line 2 of field "Table Field" into mycell   -- row 2, column 3
>>>- fix the number of columns when tabbing across
>>not sure what you mean by this one?
>>>- have table column headings that scroll as the data table scrolls
>>Hmm, you could put the headings in another table immediately above 
>>the one they belong to, set the tabStops the same, eliminate the 
>>scrollbars, make it non-editable, and put a bit of code in the main 
>>field ("Table Field") to keep the horizontal scrolling in sync.  I 
>>did something like this with an experimental stack I had started at 
>>one point.
>>Then you could format the other table field however you want.
>Yep, I've done this use-another-table-for-the-headings trick but 
>it's clunky and I hoped that a "spreadsheet like" object might 
>actually support proper column headings?!
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