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Klaus Major klaus at
Tue May 10 11:14:51 EDT 2005

Hi Kevin,

> newbee again....
> Thanks for previous help with defaultFolder path
> New question..
> My standalone (Windows) saves a copy of a stack as a backup. I'm  
> naming the
> backup file .bkp so that I can filter for these files when I want  
> to restore
> them.
> I then use
> answer file "Select a backup file to restore" of type "*.bkp" to  
> view only
> these file types
> This works in rev but not when I create a standalone

??? It works in Rev?

Anyway try this one, this is the correct syntax for windows:

answer file "Select a backup file to restore" with filter "*.bkp"

See the docs for more info about "filtering" in -> "answer file"...

> Am I being stupid or did I miss something?

That one above is the official sytax and "should" work... ;-)

> Kevin Stallibrass


Klaus Major
klaus at

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