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Tue May 10 04:55:29 EDT 2005

You can use the function "the platform" to get the OS.

the platform

the platform
if the platform is "MacOS" then set the activatePalettes to true

The platform function returns one of the following strings:

     MacOS                     any Mac OS, OS X, or Darwin system
     Linux                     Linux for Intel or PowerPC architecture
     Win32        Windows (any version post-3.1)



On 10 May 2005, at 09:34, <kevin at>  
<kevin at> wrote:

> Sorry - Newbee again
> I'm building standalones for both Windows & OSX of an app that  
> overwrites a
> stack in the folder for the standalone.
> I'm developing on windows and everything works fine on the windows
> standalone. My issue is with the OSX standalone.
> My problem seems to be  that when the OSX standalone is created, the
> defaultFolder path is set to the folder that contains the  
> application bundle
> - NOT the folder containing the stacks. Therefore, when the app  
> performs a
> 'save as' function, the original is not overwriten.
> How do I change the the defaultFolder path for OSX and leave Windows
> unchanged - is there a call to get the OS being used?
> Thanks
> Kevin Stallibrass
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