expand the boundaries of a group

Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Mon May 9 09:14:58 CDT 2005

Hi Bob,

> Hi Klaus
>>>  Is there a way to
>>> make the group area as big as the card?
>> Sure :-)
>> Resize your group as big as you like*** and then (and this is the
>> trick!) go to the
>> inspector, selct "Size and Position" for that group and check
>> "Lockloc"...
>> That will make your group ALWAYS stay as big as you sized it.
> Ahhh the problem is the user will not have revolution adn they add  
> the fields.
> see below, I have the answer......
>> Hope that helps...
>> ***You can also use the message box/script:
>> set the rect of grp "Your group name here..." to the rect of this  
>> card
> Right Klaus, Again you have come up trumps.... :-)


> All I need to do is put in an empty group on the first card of my  
> cloned stack.
> I'll call it BobsEmptyGroup and put it on the first card of the  
> stack and set
> its background behaviour to true.
> Then if I put in the script ----set the rect of grp  
> "BobsEmptyGroup" to the rect
> of this card----,I should be able to insert the fields into the group.


> Now here is the follow up question. :-)
> If the user (via a button) inserts a field or button into the group
> BobsEmptyGroup, will they inherit the background behaviour of the  
> group and be
> visible on all cards?

Sure, since the GROUP does have that behaviour, so it does not matter  
if and/or how
many controls are in that group! Cool, innit?!! ;-)

> All the best
> Bob


Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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