a little message path issue

Dar Scott dsc at swcp.com
Fri May 6 20:32:30 EDT 2005

On May 6, 2005, at 4:33 PM, Chris Sheffield wrote:

> Does that make sense?  Should I be handling different messages besides 
> mouseEnter and mouseLeave?  A mouseWithin perhaps?  I'm kind of stuck. 
>  Can someone help?

Just a wild untested idea typed right into the email:

local moveID
local barState = "in"

on initBarPos
   put empty into moveID
   put "in" into barState
   move me to 668,241
end initBarPos

on slideOut
   if barState = "in"
     move me to 580,241 in .2 seconds without waiting
     put "out" into barState
   end if
end slideOut

on slideIn
   if barState = "out"
     move me to 668,241 in .2 seconds without waiting
     "put "in" into barState
   end if
end slideIn

on mouseWithin
    cancel moveID
    send "slideOut" to me in .5 seconds
    put the result into moveID
end mouseWithin


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