[ANN] Pen Tool v2

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at yahoo.com
Fri May 6 11:53:14 CDT 2005

Hi Developers,

Download the stack "Pen Tool v2" from:


This stack shows a pen tool similar to the bezier pen
tool of vector ilustration software. i'm working in
the companion three selection tools for this tool and
integrating all my previous work with vector graphics
into one stack: "graphic tools v02"

To start drawing, click on the button 
"Set cursor to pen", then the cursor turns to 
the icon "Pen Tool".

To start drawing, click on the empty space of 
the card.
1- To start drawing a curved line, click on the card
create the FIRST VERTEX POINT (sending a mousedown 
msg) and while keeping the mouse down, drag the mouse 
far from the point where you clicked (mousemove msg) 
and release the mouse button (mouseup msg) to create 
the FIRST CONTROL POINT... a red line appears with a 
bezier curve.

Click again (mousedown msg) to fix the position of the
SECOND VERTEX POINT and move the mouse to shape the 
bezier curve (mousemove msg) and release the mouse in 
any location to fix the SECOND CONTROL POINT (mouseup

IMPORTANT: If you press the ALT/OPTION key while
the mouse to fix the position of the SECOND CONTROL 
POINT, you get a THIRD CONTROL POINT that moves in
with the second control point... this third control 
point becomes the first control point of a new
curve that will follow the line you are drawing. 

Click to fix the position of these control points.
Now the red line turns to a green line and you could 
repeat the steps above to draw another curved line or
simply click and release the mouse button to draw 
straight lines.

To close the polygon you put the cursor exactly over 
the beginning of the line (You'll notice that the 
cursor changes to a pen with a circle)and DOUBLE CLICK
(mousedoubleup msg).

You'll finish drawing anytime by double clicking in 
any place of the card.

Feel free to streamline this handler for your own 
purposes.  All i ask is that you keep an updated link
to my website in your website or the documentation of 
your software.

Alejandro Tejada

Thursday 5 may 2006

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