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Chris Carroll-Davis chris at
Fri May 6 07:40:45 EDT 2005

Xavier -

I did try "virtual cd rom control panel", but it didn't seem to want  
to mount any images I made from Toast on Mac (whichever format I  
chose ISO, UDF etc...)  so I gave up with it.  I'm afraid I am a bit  
of a Windows dunce. I make my CD's on Mac using Toast, so if you know  
of a specific PC utility that will mount these on XP I'd like to hear  
of it!

Indeed, what I'd really like is to have a locked CD image mounted on  
my G5 that is available to PC on network that sees it as a CD.  But  
I've not found a way to do that.  Most of the time testing from a  
shared folder on my G5 is fine.  This is the first time that I've  
come across a non-speed related issue that differs between CD and HD...

Thanks for the advice,


On 6 May 2005, at 12:17, MisterX wrote:

> Chris,
> You should try next time to burn mountable "images" of cds or  
> virtualCDs.
> Look it up, it's great. Built in Nero, VirtualCD, the was an  
> alladyn tools
> and an even better shareware in my macos times - macImage or  
> something.
> Others like ultraIso, winIso, etc, etc, etc do the same for  
> different prices
> and features.
> Eventually a ramdisk if you can lock the write access can do the  
> job even
> faster too.
> The sorting issue seems bizarre indeed!
> cheers
> Xav
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>> Hello folks -
>> just thought you might like to know about a weird issue I
>> came across the other day.  Not a bug in Rev, but weird
>> behaviour on Windows that cost me hours (probably days) and
>> about 20 CD-Rs...
>> If you get a list of folders (using "the folders" ) on
>> WIndows running from HD the list is alphabetical, NON
>> case-sensitive, so ("aardvark" comes before "Zoo").
>> If you get the same list running from CD, the list IS
>> case-sensitve (so "Zoo " comes before "aardvark").
>> Perhaps this is a known issue to seasoned Revvers, but it was
>> new to me!  This caused my prog to fail only when running from CD on
>> Windows.  Running from HD on Windows, or on Mac HD or CD was fine.
>> The only way I could track problem down was to cut disc after disc.
>> Anyway, moral of story is that it is probably prudent to sort
>> the folder list as soon as you've got it so that you ensure
>> consistent results.  Haven't checked if this is the same with
>> files - but I expect so...
>> Chris
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