put into URL not "putting"

Phil Davis davis.phil at comcast.net
Thu May 5 16:37:52 EDT 2005

Has the hard disk containing the file spun down at the time of the 
second 'put'? That's one thing that will prevent a write/put. If that's 
the case, you can force the HD to start spinning again by getting 'the 
files' or 'the detailed files'. Then you can write successfully.

Insert the following code immediately after the 'put' line. It might 
yield a clue:

   get the result
   if it <> empty then
     answer it
   end if

Phil Davis

Derek Bump wrote:
> Would someone be so kind and please analyze the following script to tell 
> me why it will only write the data to the Preferences file just once, 
> and every time afterward it will not write anything?
> on setPref prefName,prefData
>   put prefData into preferencesData[prefName]
>   put the keys of preferencesData into theKeys
>   repeat with x=1 to the number of lines in theKeys
>     put line x of theKeys & "=" & preferencesData[(line x of theKeys)] 
> &cr after newData
>   end repeat
>   put newData into url ("file:Preferences.dat")
> end setPref
> Derek Bump
> Dreamscape Software

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