Cursor issues in Tiger

Chipp Walters chipp at
Thu May 5 16:33:38 EDT 2005


I too have seen this, but not only in Tiger, but Panther and even WinXP. 
The cursor just seems to get stuck after leaving an editable text fld. I 
think Jerry Daniels has a bug report on this.

My fix is to 'start using stack "altCursorLib"'

The lastest version of altCursorLib can be found in the SQLite Demo 
stack at:

or you can just type in the message box:
go URL ""

While you're there, you might want to spend 5 minutes and do a walk-thru 
of the demo (though it's not tested yet on Tiger).



simplsol at wrote:
> OS X users,
> Is anyone else having this problem:
>  After installing Tiger (17" Al PB, 1 gig) the pointer seems to "stick". 
> It doesn't change mode when moving to different parts of the screen. If 
> a handler sets the cursor to busy, the cursor doesn't change back to the 
> arrow when the handler is finished.
>  I've always had some problems with the pointer not changing to the bar 
> in text fields, or remaining a text bar when clicking a button - but 
> Tiger seems to have amplified the problem.
>  Running these same stacks in Panther was never perfect - but definitely 
> better (of course that was a 15" Ti PB, and maybe that is also a factor).
>  Meanwhile, these stacks were originally created in HyperCard - and they 
> still run fine in HC - in Panther or Tiger.
>  If I am the only one with the problem, I'll investigate further; if it 
> is a common problem I'll bugzilla it. Let me know.
>  Paul Looney
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