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since you're the evangelist... I'll hijack the thread for a ride...

TAOO has a one button interface translator for any GUI. One "preference"

Effort to translate not provided naturally but it's no more than changing
the name, tooltip and content of the controls in the gui after choosing it's
language. Drop-dead simple and reliable.

I also have an auto-translator coming with a multilanguage matrix that could
help in templated-behaviors-cultural-aware multimedia "answer dialogs and
controls" that TAOO is going to sport soon. This gets more complicated again
when i add speech and speech recog but im confident the underlying logic
will support it. Im working on a replacement answer/ask/file dialog set to
handle this still but im sure many are interested. Braile and blind devices
can be supported in RunRev? Touchscreens?

new feature in TAOO thanks to this thread and Ro: an auto-translator control
for content based on BabelFish - who i'll have to contact before releasing
to get some agreement if they allow free translation... Personally, it's a 3
minute job in deepcyberspace.rev which will be easily later integrated into
the view manager and thus the view menu. Ah, a light bulb just came up in
the menu manager cellar that prevents my making it come true... 

Hungry for more Food for thought? or or this mailist if im not too intruding with
TAOO (im never too sure i can push more of it!) But since it's free for
non-commercial benefit, it's my script/code/theory knowledgebase
encyclopedia to many horizontal and vertical uses in/for RunRev... And it's
free (a tip of the iceberg only so far but growing by the day rolling
snowball style...)

And multi-language is a natural skill im proud to exploit for all it's worth
including in RunRev and not just for the gui, the shell, the php/html/sql
editing but also soon to command python to your bidding! 

Exploit intelligence ;)

I think i might have opengl graphics on RR in less than one year if RR
doesnt bring them out   before in 3.0 - my next challenge via python
meta-dll thing i found! This could include a python dll-compileit style
library as soon as it's possible - the lack of a dll bridge is very limiting
in some windows ways. For Macs, i can write a metrowerks interface any time
but im out totally out of funds so... sorry, i couldn't help you unless a
script-mac-head joins the taoo team to implement it. Shouldn't take more
than one hour. Most of it is applescript based. The GUI is based on a
Macro-wrapper XOS e-book template style stack that auto-compileit and script
you feed it (batch lists included) that i used to use with CompileIt ;) Ro,
you've always been my hero. Although im a bit perplexed at your role as an
evangelists instead of a coder extraordinaire in Rev's hands. Some business
language i didn't understand... Although I know all about changes of
professional horizons... 

Xavier - the revolutionary's scripting warehouse 
and performance tuning garage!

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> On May 4, 2005, at 6:41 PM, Marielle Lange wrote:
> > Imagine you are a non-native. How would you feel about 
> publishing this 
> > on the revolution list? Would you dare put a post that 
> consists in a 
> > babelfish translation on a Russian list (assuming you do not know a 
> > word of Russian)? As a native, what is your first impression (you 
> > know, the one that counts so much) of the writer of the 
> babelfish post 
> > above?
> Actually, having lived in places where English is certainly 
> not the only language and sometimes not the dominant 
> language, I no longer fear muddling through as best I can. 
> [Hawai`i, Mexico and, now, Wales]
> My experience is that the people on this list will go out of 
> their way to help anyone - and especially those brave enough 
> to post as best they can in English. Of course, the newcomer 
> doesn't know this but hopefully will stay on the list long 
> enough to realize everyone is here to help.
> >
> > It is not a question of politeness, but of self-restraint. Foreign 
> > speakers will usually refrain from contributing until they are 
> > confident enough about writing in English.
> This is true - hopefully, we're starting to change that. :)
> >
> > Politeness possibly rather recommends a babelfish link to be 
> > automatically added at the bottom of all posts, including 
> the ones in 
> > English. ;-)...
> > The wiki I use
> > ( does that, why not 
> copy their 
> > script? Why not also use it on the revolution website?
> >
> I like this idea. At least providing a babelfish link in the 
> email is worthwhile.
> Ro
> PS Translating my writing into another language and back 
> again is not fair! Many would claim I don't even write in 
> English in the first place! ;)
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