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Thu May 5 14:19:29 EDT 2005

Hi Laex,

> Klaus Major wrote:

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>> thanks for the URL, very interesting...
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> Well, Klaus, first I have to confess that what I *actually* do is  
> just run the exiv2 utility from an ugly dosbox (actually, a clean,  
> sparse, elegant Emacs shell buffer :-), then run my Rev script,  
> then run the utility again .....  (I do this once a month - wasn't  
> worth the coding time to build it into a script)

Aha :-)

> But it can be done from Rev and shell ... I'm not an expert in  
> this, so there may be easier ways than this ....
>> put shell("exiv2 test.jpg")
> I think a shell is run in the current defaultFolder of Rev - is  
> that set to your home folder ?
> Here's a script I have used; note I ran into trouble with quoting  
> of file names containing spaces - I eventually figured out that I  
> needed to quote the command name, and I cheated and moved the files  
> into a folder with no spaces in its name, so the "answer" I give  
> when I run this is something like "D:\Downloads\aaa"   I can't find  
> a form that works when my photo folder is say "D:\Our Documents 
> \exiv2-0.6.1-win\aaa"

I played around a bit and remembered shortfilepath()!!!
This is exactly what we need for doing "shell".

So i tested this script and it works nicely :-)

I put everything into the Revfolder but will work with any path!

put the folder into df
put shortfilepath(df & "/exiv2.exe) into kom
## Does NOT work without .EXE!!!???

put shortfilepath(df & "/test1.jpg") into bild
## = image in german :-)

get shell(kom && "-pt" && bild) into fld 1

Great :-)

Do you have plans to port/compile this one to/for OS X?
(He asked him innocently...;-)

> -- 
> Alex Tweedly


Klaus Major
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