Linux/Unix folder paths

Klaus Major klaus at
Thu May 5 03:52:56 EDT 2005

Hi Sarah,

> Hello all you Linux/Unix gurus out there,
> I was hoping someone would be able to tell me a few things about  
> where such systems put various types of files.
> Where so you store preferences? I see that the specialFolderPath()  
> function is Windows & Mac only, so how would I know where to store  
> preferences on a Linux system?
> Where should an application be installed? And what if I want the  
> application to be available to a particular user only e.g. on my  
> Mac OS X system, I have /Applications for apps that everyone can  
> use and /Users/sarah/Applications for apps that only I can use. The  
> second is better if I need to write to the application folder as  
> the user has write access to that folder even if not an admin user  
> (at least I think that is correct).

you can use -> $HOME to get the current users home directory.

put $HOME & "/" into folder2store_the_prefs_and_other_things

Works on Unix, OS X (and on Linux probably, not tested).

If the user cannot write in his home directory, then it's no use  
anyway :-)

> TIA,
> Sarah


Klaus Major
klaus at

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