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Wed May 4 16:43:03 EDT 2005

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Hi Frank

>Dear Mr. X;
>I downloaded rev, to try it out!! and they asked me, if i wanted some 
>email. (very little. as it was put to me)!!!!!! and i haven`t even opened 
>the file to try it out yet!!  and i seem to be getting hundreds of e mails 
>in my box every day!!! and half are repeats. i am not happy about 
>this!!!!! i am sorry to single you out, but  I noticed your name as 
>frequent as anyones . please tell me how to stop this maddness. nothing 
>personal toward you! but i am only allowd 2 meg in my email  box. and my 
>friends can`t even send me a messege, because my box is so full with this 
>stuff. is there any way you can help me?

Don't worry. You can have two or three options.
1) unsubscribe from the list
2) use the digest mode like Heather suggested.
3) Get a new email account. There are many free services but the one I use 
for Armbase is simple and cheap.

You can get a domain, for example is available and simply get 
mail from for 4pounds/year and that oncludes webmail. 
The Support from James and the lads at is excellent. If they have 
any downtime, eg 10 hours. They up your mail/web allocation for free.

Then, if you use a PC I would recommend something like mailwasherPro that 
you can use to delete unwanted mail serverside; or indeed simply use 
webmail via and delete them. Having multiple mailboxes on a hosting 
package allows you to selectively download you mail. IE my mail address is 
bob@ however I use rev at ...... and can leave that until I require the download.

>I think that i won`t be interested in this product at all, if this keeps 
>up! I am not in some office just waiting to here about the next move on 
>the pc, for the day. i was thinking about learning how to program my own 
>software! i am a physically disabled vietnam vet, just trying to learn how 
>to get by in todays world. can you give me any advice on this subject? i 
>am just a poor ole farm boy, who don`t even understand what they are 
>talking about, most of the time. i am only trying to learn! if people 
>don`t piss me off! too bad, too soon!but take my word for it .nothing to 
>do with you as to why i am upset! I guess i just needed someone to vent 
>to.and again I am sorry about that, but i am just getting irritated about 
>the emails. sorry to take it out on you! but i thought you might be able 
>to help me, or set me on to  the right track, on who to talk to.

OK runrev is simple to use.... really simple. My first app was a file 
transfer app that directory walked and found all my microscope files and 
moved them from one server to my desk-machine. have a look
And have a look at the rev file. Download it from

I did this in a day-2days without EVER programming anything before (NOTE: 
with the help of Klaus and Sarah and others on the list).

All the best in the future


>PLEASE HELP ME???????????? I am willing to learn, and want to learn but 
>these people are overwellming me!!!i am sorry . i cant spell 
>either!!!!!!!!!! can ya help me? thanks for letting me vent to you. i hope 
>you don`t hold it against me personably either. THANKS AGAIN!      FRANK KNOX
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