Frozen Accidents

MisterX b.xavier at
Wed May 4 13:09:31 EDT 2005

A pen is easily broken, lost, etc...
And you can't loose a trackball or breakit!

And you only need one hand to operate the world!

Gotcha! ;)

The pen is quicker to point to the screen though
as i remember from my wacom pad on my venerable
last PowerMac 8500...

And i had speech recognition doing my applescript
batches too then! Such were good times!

"S'cuz me, i just regained consciousness"!
a friend's Orange Pinto's bumper-sticker...
the car was named "Ody" after Garfield's buddy

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> Xman,
> >I beat you to it in 1996!
> >
> >
> Close, my friend, but you missed the part about the pen being 
> mightier than 
> the track ball.   :{`)
> Rob 

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