Selecting a Variable name by Script

Dennis Brown see3d at
Sun May 1 19:56:17 EDT 2005

I have been trying to get the example in the Rev documentation to work 
in my script:

global gVariable1
on test
   put 1 into x
   put 50 into ("gVariable"&x)
end test

it won't "Apply". It gives me a bad destination error.

it works fine with things like field names, but not variables.

I have 10 buttons that I want to use to save or recall info from ten 
sets of arrays.  I just wanted to write one script to do the work 
instead of duplicating the script ten times in each button with just 
the number after the variable name different (the ten button work a bit 
like radio buttons).  However, I can't figure out how to do this in Rev 
if the above method will not work.

Any Ideas?


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