Split screen output for Presentations

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Sun May 1 13:18:23 EDT 2005

Apple's new Keynote has an interesting new feature:

It can make 2 separate windows! Wow! (grin)

Ok, yes, REv can do that and a lot more though Rev's Graphic options 
are still a bit stone age compared to what iWorks offers now.

[aside: humbly suggest that for Rev to move forward, that the back end 
of the engine for applications development is already ramped up enough 
(for the time being), and and a new focus on graphics Dev both in the 
IDE and for delivery is needed to keep Rev on the Cutting Edge of the 
Future, especially now that Adobe has bought Macro Media. I know, I 
know, we don't want the core of the executable to get so bloated that 
delivery of a little widget application weighs in at 5-6 megabytes, so, 
ala Richard's earlier musings, some modularity option may be needed.]]

OK that said, I do have a specific question:

Keynote can output one window to the channel that goes out to the 
projector -- > video port. i.e. it shows on the screen. and the second 
window is locked onto the personal PC's LCD screen, where the latter 
window has notes for the presentor which are not seen by the audience 
who are watching output to the project --> large display screen in the 
front of the hall.

Thomas (McGr...) you do this stuff all the time right?


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