Prevent someone from dragging a toplevel window, or...

MisterX b.xavier at
Sun May 1 04:16:21 EDT 2005

Hi Ken

you need to implement a movewindow frontscript in a plugin stack that
filters the windows to prevent or pass the message.

local blockedlist
on movewindow
  if blockedlist is empty then updateblockedlist
  if the defaultstack is not in blockedlist then
  pass movewindow
end movewindow

Cool script, I like it! ;)


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> Does anyone know of a way to either:
> (a) Prevent someone from dragging a window that is a toplevel 
> window (without a "snapback" solution of resetting the window 
> after the drag is complete); or
> (b) Move one stack smoothly at the same time as another stack 
> is being dragged by its titlebar?
> This is Mac OS X only...
> Thanks for any suggestions,
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