Quicktime with Rev

Scott Rossi scott at tactilemedia.com
Thu Mar 31 16:29:26 EST 2005

>>> Shortening the name of the file and removing spaces
>>> worked.
>>> I had shortened the file name once already, but I shortened it further
>>> and removed all spaces and voilá, it shows and plays as it should.  I
>>> guess I should go back and find the criminal element in the original
>>> file name: "You Really Got a Hold On Me.mp3". (I had just grabbed that
>>> file as a test.)  At any rate, "HoldOnMe.mp3" works.
>>> Thanks to all who responded with ideas.
>>> Mark
>>>  (PS The Beatles sort of had a way with music, didn't they? :)

>> Now the big question: Bug or feature?
>> If bug: Rev or OS X bug?

> It isn't necessarily a bug.  Revolution uses the old method of opening
> files with the QuickTime API which uses the FSSpec.  This has file name
> as well as path name length limitations (255 for the full path).  As of
> QT 6.4 (I think) QuickTime added new calls that open movies that can
> have unicode names, etc.  Eventually Rev needs to add support for using
> the newer calls when QuickTime supports it.

I'm not sure the problem lies in the length of the overall file path -- it
may be somehow related to the length of the name of the file itself.  More
testing needs to be done.

Regardless, this is absolutely a bug and needs to be dealt with, or needs a
workaround developed for it.  When a file that plays as expected using any
other player (including Apple's own QT player) doesn't play in Rev purely
because of the filename, this is a bug.  As Rev developers, we can't release
media playing apps and expect to tell users to rename their media files.


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