Question: anyone here for a vObject lib?

Jerry Daniels jerry at
Thu Mar 31 15:32:04 EST 2005

Yes, Andre...I'm interested. Where do we go to see it, etc.?


On Mar 30, 2005, at 9:25 AM, Andre Garzia wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> I finished a library which I think is pretty usefull, I did it to use 
> on a groupware contract of mine but I think it has more uses. It's a 
> vObject library that supports generation of vObjects and 
> parsing/inspecting such objects. The most well known vObject objects 
> are vCards and iCalendar files, vCard is the standard way of sharing 
> contact data and can carry more than CSV files. Almost all the 
> state-of-the-art apps dealing with contacts understand vCards, Apple 
> AddressBook is based on vCard, Microsoft Outlook also understands it, 
> enterprize apps like the Lotus suite does it too. You can start 
> sharing and querying data from and for this apps with vObject/vCard 
> lib.
> The other famous one is iCalendar which is a standard way to store and 
> share calendar data, this is more wide spread than vCard, I think 
> almost all calendar apps are iCalendar based (iCalendar = vCalendar 
> 2.0), Apple iCal is iCalendar based and so is lot's of other groupware 
> based clients and servers (all linux ones are, like Kalendar). My 
> implementation of iCalendar spec is complete for generation of 
> iCalendar data and parsing is a little Raw but it works fine.
> With this lib you can also create your own object files based on the 
> vObject standard, I for one, am creating a vChart file standard to 
> store data and metadata about charts, I think this is needed by our 
> community. Let me show you some examples of the vCard routines by 
> creating a simple vCard:
> vCardBegind  vCard
> vCardAddCommonName vCard, "Andre", "Alves", "Garzia"
> vCardAddNickName vCard, "soapdog"
> vCardAddEMail vCard, "soapdog at"
> vObjectAddParameter vCard, "email", "type", "pref"   -- Set the email 
> as prefered eMail.
> vCardEnd vCard
> vCardSerialize vCard
> good, now you have the variable vCard with content that you can 
> upload, save to file or whatever you want to do...
> An iCalendar Example.
> iCalendarBegin iCal
> icEventBegin iCal
> put the short date into tDate
> icAddDateTimeStart iCal, icConvertDate(tDate)
> icAddDateTimeEnd iCal, icDateOffset(tDate, "+30 minutes")  -- Set the 
> end date to half an hour later
> icAddSumary iCal, "a simple test event."
> icAddDescription iCal, "the event description."
> iCalendarAddOrganizer iCal, "soapdog at"
> iCalendarAddAtendee iCal, "use-revolution at"
> vObjectAddParameter iCal, "atendee", "type", "group"
> icEventEnd iCal
> iCalendarEnd iCal
> iCalendarSerialize iCal
> You could import this in Apple iCal with no problem, even pipe it thru 
> applescript...
> The library has dozens (hundred?) functions and handlers dealing with 
> everything and I am finishing documenting it and creating examples. I 
> planned to release it on a shareware manner for USD 30, all funds 
> would go to pay my stay in RevConWest.
> Anyone here interested?
> Andre
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