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On Mar 25, 2005, at 5:03 PM, jbv wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> Since we're at it, I have a question for those who
> use libURL for uploading large amounts of data
> to a distant server...
> I've just been asked by a client to brainstorm on
> the project of a client web app which, among other
> things, should allow the upload of large files (I
> mean REALLY large files : between 40 & 150 Mb).
> Of course, I'm checking the possibility to split those
> files into smaller chunks, but nevertheless I'd like
> to hear the opinion and experience of list members
> who have been using ftp upload in Rev on a regular
> basis...
> Thanks,
> JB


You can break the files in edible chunks and upload the to a server, if 
you use the REST ftp command then you can tell it to skip some bytes 
before start writing the file, thats how FTP download resume is 
possible, and that's possible in upload also, check if the server 
supports the REST command, the go uploading a "edible package", after 
that upload, go upload the next package but before that tell the server 
to skip the bytes that were already uploaded, this would get your 
uploads done no matter of how big the files and also, you could even 
stop uploading for days if you want, not problem with network down or 
stuff like that. I would do as such:

1) get the "big file" size and compare it with the "big file" on the 
2) if there was none on the server, would go uploading, if there was 
some file there, would check to see how much was already there and skip 
those bytes
3) would break the file in 500k and upload the thing, then would go 
back to step #1

Good uploading!

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