The paradigm of containers and self-referenced names

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Thu Mar 24 13:50:58 EST 2005

Hi Jaqueline and Mark,

> On 3/23/05 3:03 PM, Mark Wieder wrote:
>> Ken-
>> Wednesday, March 23, 2005, 8:58:13 AM, you wrote:
>> KR> I think that if Rev were modified so that it would not accept 
>> unquoted
>> KR> strings to be assigned to variables we'd be in a much better 
>> place, and it
>> KR> wouldn't give aid to "sloppy" (IMHO) programming.
>> Menu:
>> Edit | Preferences | Script Editor | Variable checking by default
>> Why this isn't on by default is beyond me except that it would force
>> many programmers to clean up their code. If this had been left to me,
>> I wouldn't even have made it an option.

Thank god, i has not been left to you!

> And you would have reaped the ire of those involved in 20 years of 
> xtalk legacy. ;)
> For those of us who have used all the various forms of xtalk over lo 
> these many years, the lack of variable typing and the ability to use 
> variables without first declaring them is a major breakthrough feature 
> of a modern programming language.
> I still do not declare variables except under some rare specific 
> instances. I consider it a freedom.

YES! Freedom of choice.

> When I read scripts written by those who do declare lists of locals 
> inside their handlers, it looks messy to me and I wonder why they 
> don't just go off and use Basic where it is a requirement. All that 
> "dimming" really puts me off.
> Is it sloppy programming to use a language as it was intended?

Amen to this, sister :-)

C'mom Mark, show a bit of tolerance to scripters who are not coming from
"dogmatic" programming languages like C etc nor do have a "programming"
background at all like me...

And just relax or play some rounds of "nine ball"* :-)

*It has declared locals, if that will help you to relax...

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Regards and happy Easter

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