ANN Nine ball pool

Klaus Major klaus at
Thu Mar 24 11:44:41 CST 2005

Hi Jim,

> After a bit of fussing, I have modified my earlier version of pool to 
> allow for multiple balls and collisions.
> While Run Rev is able to handle the straight 15 ball game, it is does 
> not run as smoothly as nine ball, which I  think is a better game 
> anyhow. (Watching the break in 15 ball pool is a sight to behold in 
> Run Rev.)
> There is one flaw; it is often impossible to make the shot you would 
> like without spin on the cue ball. That may be possible. But not for 
> now. I'm not the one to be writing games. I never play them. My 
> favorite game is Run Rev itself.
> So in the message box:
> go url ""

spin or not spin, tha's really cool, Jim, congratulations!!!!

I hope that one day i will understand all the math that's going on here,
or at least a tiny part of it ;-)

> Jim


Klaus Major
klaus at

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