Mac / ISO XML - dumb question

Terry Vogelaar tvogelaar at
Thu Mar 24 00:57:41 EST 2005

Op 23-mrt-05 om 12:46 heeft jbv het volgende geschreven:

> Terry,
> Thanks for the suggestion (replacing upper ASCII chars
> with their &#xxx; form); I've already came to that conclusion.
> The XML files I need to generate on-the-fly with Rev cgi
> feature french content, and french language uses quite a few
> of those upper ascii chars (éèêëàâäîœæôïöùüç)...
> The only thing I'm worried about is : this might be OK when
> opening the XML files in a browser, but what about other
> software (spreadsheet, word processor...) ? Will they accept
> é for é (for instance) ?

It probably is the only reliable way to use upper ASCII in XML in 
RunRev. So that reduces the options pretty much.

Concerning the other programs: they should treat it right. But you may 
just try it.


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