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I think your head can be protected from hurt if you consider the 
proof by Gödel that no logical system can be both complete and 
internally consistent. Thus we shouldn't expect our mental logical 
system to be able to deal with everything without throwing up the odd 

If you like thinking about such things, I recommend that you look at 
the book Gödel, Escher, Bach: the eternal golden braid by Douglas 

At 2:52 PM -0500 23/3/05, use-revolution-request at lists.runrev.com wrote:
>My favorite head-hurting concept regarding origin of the universe
>If this 4-D space (more like 11-D if you want to get technical about it)
>in which we find ourselves has a starting point (like the big bang),
>then what caused that to happen?
>Unless you believe in A-Causality, something had to start it.
>Now, time, as understood in modern physics, is a component of the fabric
>of space-time that defines this 4-D space.
>However, if something caused this 4-D space to come into existence -
>well, that was an action. For any action to actually happen, there must
>be some sort of time.
>This implies some sort of time that exists outside of the fabric of
>space-time that defines our 4-D space.
>This implies more than one dimension of time! Multiple dimensions of
>time would allow for (but not require) all sorts of time-travel and
>cross-time communication scenarios. We could have apparent breaks in
>causality (to those inside the inner dimension of time) such as the
>grandfather paradox, but would not have true breaks in causality.
>Fun stuff.

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