[ANN]Tao of RunRev, RunRev Wishlist, and RunRev DocumentationProjects

MisterX b.xavier at internet.lu
Wed Mar 23 11:07:35 EST 2005

It's funny to see a Christian abide to the Tao

No offense... Im both involuntarily! Taolerance please!

After reading Dar's mail, I was, ok, no prob sending this away!
so here goes a bit of "nothing" I thought-fested on creatively! BTW, Nice
job Dar!

And best wishes for Mickey with the Tao of RunRev ;)

Ying yang is everywhere even in software...

The tao that cannot be descrided that is what you mean... 
(read the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu available anywhere on the net)
And which I monk over... 20 years soon? ;)

Lest it be known that a many phylosophies coexist in this revuniverse and
friendly mailist cyber space. We all just want many applications we all reve
le meme (a french twist for dreamcardians and wired.com matrix readers...),
I'm sure you guessed the idea... or better grokked it!

The Tao, in the chinese taoist phylosophy (for the unaware), is the image
for "the way". Image as an icon for it's many manifestations. The way of
nature or the universe or IT=anything! Economics is another good word for
Tao as far as I've researched both! Totally deep, undescribeable. 

For the tao of runrev's first words I'd spew

I favor the object design top to bottom view. Mind to Paper to Screen to
mouse/keyboard. An application is an application (business or user
objective...) and designing the way to interface the data to the user (or
biz.) is the primal key to solving the bottom to top approach that ensues
the GUI design and data IO flow of it all...

>From then on, it's cover all messages of the user's controls in all cards of
all stacks to the application's user () suiting whether engendered by the
user or system... Present it to the user on a silver plater with a golden
"put" so "he", the primal user, can "get" "IT"...

Givit a bit of humor and it's another good IT XOS agent. So is XOS, supposed
to be the TAO of OOP... ;)

Made in runrev pseudo scripting taoist poetry ways I can't describe

get "May the Tao script with you!"
if me is it
then put me
else put it

http://Monsieurx.com = a bit of everything with nothing as the unity of the
whole of someone... revastackchrisnaaaa revacardrishnaaaa LOL

who was it that said this list has no humor?
Please stand up! ;) 

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