Rev + Microsoft ODBC question

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Tue Mar 22 02:13:00 EST 2005

I'm only discovering Rev (after years of Hypercard).
I have a Mac OS 9, Rev 2.0.3, ODBC V3.00 from Intersolv that came with
Microsoft Office 1998.

I want to develop for a client with Oracle, so I thought I'd develop at home
with the above-mentionned ODBC.  Microsoft Query works just fine with ODBC
(read, update..).  But Rev's database manager does not connect:  I typed the
name of the user DSN with or without a *, tried several drivers (Microsoft
3.01 FoxProDB PPC, dBase PPC, Text PPC). I type nothing in the user / passwd
fields; when I hit "Connect" I always get "Revdb error: revdberr, invalid
database type".

My questions are: can Rev use Intersolv's ODBC?
If yes, what am I doing wrong (file DSN instead of user DSN? sthing else?)
If not, what other options do I have, as I would not like to spend money on
a database that's only used for early development (got better use for my
computer money   :-)

Thanks for the help;

F. Tarpin

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