Stack saving clarification

Len Morgan len-morgan at
Sun Mar 20 07:29:25 CST 2005

I read somewhere here in the last couple of weeks that if you use a card 
in a stack for preferences or something like that, you can't have that 
stack INSIDE of a standalone?  Is that true?  If that is so, why would I 
want to use cards/stacks to hold information that is subject to change?  
What suggestion would you have if I would like the user to be able to 
point to a database or particular server (which I don't know when I 
build the standalone), or change their background colors or something 

Would the best approach (and I realize that "best" is a loaded word) be 
to have an external text file that gets "imported" into the card that 
has the preferences and then saved back to if their are any changes or 
have a stack that is external to the exe?  Or something else?  It seems 
to me that if we can save changes in the stand-alone, we should change 
it to "stand in a small group"  :-)

len morgan

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