Can a Revolution standalone application save data?

Mark Swindell mdswindell at
Sat Mar 19 20:17:26 EST 2005

You can save information in a standalone to a substack of the 
standalone, just not to the mainstack.  For example, you could make 
make your opening splash screen  your main stack, and have any number 
of substacks affiliated with that main stack.  This is how you save 
information without writing it to the mainstack, which can't be done, 
you're right.


On Mar 19, 2005, at 4:54 PM, Stgoldberg at wrote:

> Please excuse a beginner's question:   I am working with Revolution on 
> a
> Macintosh and would like to create an application that can be used on 
> Windows, one
> in which the user puts some information into a field.   I would like 
> enable
> the user to save that information when the program closes.   Is this 
> possible
> in Revolution?   I get the impression that the only way to save 
> information is
> to use a stack that has not been not converted to a standalone 
> application.
> But if it is not converted to standalone, how can I get the program 
> over to
> Windows? And how can I avoid tampering with the program structure by a 
> user who
> is using the stack on the Macintosh?   Thanks very much.
> Steve Goldberg

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