Can a Revolution standalone application save data?

Stgoldberg at Stgoldberg at
Sat Mar 19 19:54:48 EST 2005

Please excuse a beginner's question:   I am working with Revolution on a 
Macintosh and would like to create an application that can be used on Windows, one 
in which the user puts some information into a field.   I would like enable 
the user to save that information when the program closes.   Is this possible 
in Revolution?   I get the impression that the only way to save information is 
to use a stack that has not been not converted to a standalone application.   
But if it is not converted to standalone, how can I get the program over to 
Windows? And how can I avoid tampering with the program structure by a user who 
is using the stack on the Macintosh?   Thanks very much.
Steve Goldberg

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