One more question for the evening

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Sat Mar 19 00:15:50 EST 2005

Hi Doc,

try this
get productname &tab& quantity &tab& price & CR
put myline before line 2 of fld "table"


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> Subject: One more question for the evening
> I'm almost ready for my weekend marathon of Rev coding, but I 
> need some help in understanding how to add one more 
> enhancement to my app before going too much further.
> Let's say that after I've extracted and displayed data from 
> my database (mostly in static labels), I want the user to be 
> able to click a button and add the contents of certain fields 
> into a table.
> After the initial row of data is added to to the table (no 
> problemo), how would I script the same action for subsequent clicks?
> Shopping list style:
> Click --> adds a can of beans to row one in the table New 
> Query Click --> add a loaf of bread to the second row New 
> Query Click --> add a (...well, you get the general idea)
> I've only played around with the idea a small bit, but I 
> guess from reading the doc's I'm missing something in my 
> understanding...
> No need for any specific code, just a general idea to get me 
> started... I really enjoy learning how to use Rev, but I'm a 
> little too dense at times.
> Thanks,
> -Doc-
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