One more question for the evening

docmann docmann at
Fri Mar 18 23:49:19 EST 2005

I'm almost ready for my weekend marathon of Rev coding, but I need
some help in understanding how to add one more enhancement to my app
before going too much further.

Let's say that after I've extracted and displayed data from my
database (mostly in static labels), I want the user to be able to
click a button and add the contents of certain fields into a table.
After the initial row of data is added to to the table (no problemo),
how would I script the same action for subsequent clicks?

Shopping list style:

Click --> adds a can of beans to row one in the table
New Query
Click --> add a loaf of bread to the second row
New Query
Click --> add a (...well, you get the general idea)

I've only played around with the idea a small bit, but I guess from
reading the doc's I'm missing something in my understanding...

No need for any specific code, just a general idea to get me
started... I really enjoy learning how to use Rev, but I'm a little
too dense at times.


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