Invisible Stack Help

Len Morgan len-morgan at
Thu Mar 17 20:00:40 EST 2005

I just uploaded a stack (username: lmorgan) that was part of a two stack 
file.  It worked fine this morning but I've apparently done something to 
mess it up so that it no longer displays.  I've checked all the possible 
suspects and can't figure it out.  I can play with all the controls on 
the one card and if I print the card (which is what the other stack 
does), I get everything but the image.  Note that the images addressed 
by this stack are not included because they are loaded from external 
files.  Even so, I would think that I could at least see the rest of the 
card (sans image) or maybe get an error if there is a problem.

The point where this happened was when I stopped using a jpeg file I had 
here and substituted it with one from my customer.  It's the same number 
of pixels but it's got the opposite orientation. In other words, my test 
picture was 640 x 480 and the "real" images are 480 x 640.

Any ideas?  I'm stumped.


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