mouseDown/mouseUp problem

Chipp Walters chipp at
Wed Mar 16 03:40:35 EST 2005

Hi James,

For various reasons, it's not a good idea to use the 'repeat while the 
mouse is down' or even 'mouseStillDown' (check the archives as there's a 
lot of info on it)

I think you're better doing something like:

local lMouseIsDown

on mouseDown
  put true into lMouseIsDown
  send "doRepeat" to me in 30 milliseconds
end mouseDown

on doRepeat
  if lMouseIsDown then
     send "doRepeat" to me in 30 milliseconds
  end if
end doRepeat

on mouseUp
end mouseUp

on mouseRelease
  put false into lMouseIsDown
end mouseRelease

James Spencer wrote:
> I've got a button which, when it is pressed and held, I want to do some 
> things (brief and repetitive) and then do some other things once it is 
> released.  I've got handlers in the button script:
> on mouseDown
>     repeat while the mouse is down
>         -- do stuff repeatedly while mouse is down
>     end repeat
>     -- do some quick cleanup code before exiting
> end mouseDown
> on mouseUp
>     -- do stuff now that the button as been released
> end mouseUp

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