Card cloning strangeness in 2.5.1

Kevin Miller kevin at
Thu Mar 10 17:24:16 EST 2005

On 10/3/05 10:08 pm, "Richard Gaskin" <ambassador at> wrote:

>> Does this behavior replicate with others?  (I'm using a Mac, OS 10.3.7)
> Confirmed yesterday.  Thus far it's the only bug marked as "fixed" that
> I've seen in v2.5.1.
> I've cc'd Kevin and Mark W here to encourage consideration of a v2.5.1.1
> to address this.  Given Mark W's excellent work refining clone behaviors
> for this release I'm confident it's just a misplaced "if" statement or
> something else that minor which shouldn't take long to address.
> I couldn't find a Bugzilla report for this so I just filed one:
> <>
> I'm sure it'll be addressed quickly.

Indeed.  Believe it or not, this issue was actually in the original alpha
test for 2.5.1, which we made available to our enterprise license holders a
few months back.  It seems no one spotted it in all that time!  We will
issue a patch for this shortly which you will be able to download separately
if you are affected.  In the mean time, "copy this card to this stack" works
as it should. 

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