Mouse over in docs 2.5.1

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Thu Mar 10 12:57:48 EST 2005

On 3/10/05 11:43 AM, Thomas McGrath III wrote:

> When I un-select the show mouse overs in the docs yet when I select a 
> word (click/double click) that links to another item the 'show mouse 
> overs' goes back to being selected......
> Buggy
> also, with a stack open the docs freeze up a lot (force quit needed to 
> get out)
> very buggy

Are you sure it is frozen? I had the same experience and was about to 
force-quit but the phone rang. When I was done talking, I looked over 
and the docs had finally updated. It took a very long time (30 seconds? 
A minute? Something like that.)

The weird part is that the slowdown doesn't always happen. Today it is 
working pretty quickly for me.

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